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Version: 8.0
Question: 21

Which PTF type contains newly released PTFs that resolve severe issues that can impact IBM i operations?

A. Immediate
B. Cumulative
D. Prerequisite

Answer: C

Question: 22

A Power Systems server with SAN attached disk has redundant fibre HBAs and two paths provisioned through the SAN fabric.
One fibre HBA has been replaced, but the redundant path shows a failed status.
What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A. The new adapter was not dynamically allocated to the partition.
B. The multipathing exit program (QIBM_QZSC_SANP2) has failed.
C. The multipathing daemon has failed.
D. The WWPN has changed.

Answer: D

Question: 23

An upgrade from IBM i 6.1 to IBM i 7.2 is being planned. The system is currently configured to use an Operations Console Direct (Async) Connection.
What must be done prior to upgrading to ensure the console session will work?

A. Update IBM i Access for Windows console PC to version 7 2.
B. Enter SST Take Option 8. “Work with service tools user IDs and Devices*. Take Option 3 “Select console”. Press F6 to “Backup Operations Console Configuration”.
C. Migrate from Operations Console Direct (Async) to Operations Console LAN.
D. Ensure CTL01 is Active and all DSPO” display status is ‘Vary on Pending”.

Answer: A

Question: 24

Which report in the Security Tools menu is used to find user profiles whose password is the same as the user profile and to take an action against the profiles?

A. Change active profile list
B. Analyze profile activity
C. Analyze default passwords
D. Disable default password profiles

Answer: C

Question: 25

An auditor needs an administrator to show the differences between a file as it currently exists and as it existed in the past.
Which command can help the administrator determine the differences assuming that journaling for the file was active and the receivers for the timeframe in question exist?


Answer: C

Question: 26

A CL program that runs after an IPL must complete and errors will be researched at a later time. How can all CPF massages be acknowledged so the program continues running?

A. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command immediately before the ENDPGM command.
B. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command after the ENDPGM command.
C. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command immediately after the PGM command.
D. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command before the PGM command.

Answer: C

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