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Vendor Microsoft
Exam Code MB6-895
Full Exam Name Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
Certification Name Microsoft Certified Professional
Technology Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Version: 10.1

Question: 1

The controller of your company has received notice from the taxing agency of another state that the

sales tax rate on the company’s products sold in that state will increase by 0.5% starting on January

1st and continuing in perpetuity.

You must make all changes necessary in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to make

these changes take effect on January 1st.

Which object in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations should be modified to make this


  1. sales tax code
  2. Ledger posting group
  3. Sales tax authority
  4. Settlement period

Answer: A

Question: 2

A vendor contacts you about an unpaid invoice. You verify that the check was printed and mailed one

month ago. Because the check has not been received by the vendor, you need to reissue a check to

the vendor.

Which action should you perform?

  1. Reverse the payment from the Vendor transaction report from, and then reissue the payment.
  2. Void the check from the original payment journal, and then reissue the payment.
  3. Create a reversing entry by using the General journal form, and then reissue the payment.
  4. Process a payment reversal from the Checks form, and then reissue the payment.

Answer: D

Question: 3

Your company has acquired customers in a new state. The company must collect sales tax on the

product sales to those customers.

As bookkeeper, you need to configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to report

collected sales tax to the new customers’ state authorities.

Which configuration controls the payment of sales tax to the new state?

  1. main accounts
  2. customer account
  3. sales tax group
  4. sales tax authority

Answer: C

Question: 4

You are reviewing and processing transactions in the General ledger module.

What are three account types that you can choose in a General ledger journal? Each correct answer

presents a complete solution. (Choose three.)

  1. Project
  2. Item
  3. Inventory
  4. Vendor
  5. Customer

Answer: ADE

Question: 5

You are the fixed asset manager at Contoso, Ltd. You have recently inventoried the company’s


identified several laptops that have reached end of life, and decided to sell the laptops.

You need to generate a document and record the sale of each asset.

What should you create?

  1. a fixed asset journal
  2. a sales order
  3. a return purchase order
  4. a free text invoice

Answer: A

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